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I love all things in the powerful world of words. Journaling, books, writing, music, and creating art have been a true blessing in my life. On my road of self discovery, creativity has helped light my path. When life gets hard and a little crazy, I lift my mood by writing in my journal, diving into a crafty project, listening to my favorite songs, or reading an interesting book. All of these open my mind and let a little brightness in and I encourage others to find their source of happiness as well.

Could you benefit from actively being creative? I believe everyone can. Do any of these sound familiar: Do you struggle with voicing your thoughts? Do you like lots of creative avenues and just can't focus? Do you have too many thoughts in your head and can't even think straight? Are you just feeling lost? Do you feel as if you are not talented enough or don't know where to start?

I've been there too. All of these ring true for me and listening to my soul and taking action is what has truly helped bring much needed clarity in my life. I'd love to help shed some light your way, and share lots of ideas and encouragement to you. 

If you dare to follow your path, we can brighten up this world together.

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~Rebecca <3